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  Health And Hygiene Programmes
  Health camps and vaccinations : Regular health checkups and vaccination are organized to spread health awareness not only to the children but also their parents. Camps were also held for cancer detection.
  This programme educates young, married couples about family planning, use of birth control measures. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), etc. as well as child development and parenting issues by means of informative films. Young girls are explained about the changes that occur during puberty, and informative discussions with mothers and daughters by the use of audiovisual shows.

  This programme is a part of the regular health check-ups. 7000 de-worming tablets were distributed to children of all the schools and neighboring villages. Environment plan to plant 5 fruit bearing trees in every house will reduce the worries to an extent in draught.

  Rajgurunagar Hospital
  Earlier the hospital was functioning as a primary health centre. After 1970, once the government established its own primary health care centre, this hospital was transformed into a Charitable Hospital. Catering to the rural population of the Rajgurunagar Taluka, Pune District, the hospital is well equipped and at par with the Dr. Tilak Hospital in Mumbai.

  Bhilwadi Hospital
  The Bhilwadi Hospital mainly lays emphasis on Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as Ophthalmology. This hospital basically caters to migratory workers. This primary care hospital is rebuilt and it will be well equipped just like its other counterparts.

  Education Programmes
  Most of the rural areas have schools built by the government. But the problem lies with the functioning of them as well as inadequate or inexperienced staff. This is where we step in. We utilize these unattended infrastructure, and with the help of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of a couple of organizations make an effort to provide the best of educational needs as possible.
There are now 32 primary schools, 11 secondary schools and 7 of these schools have inverter back up and internet.
A part from the basic education imparted. Computer teacher on wheels for training remote areas. A collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) proved very fruitful in the process of spreading computer literacy.

  Adult Literacy Programme (ALP)
  was introduced in 13 villages. For this purpose, TCS provided CDs in an audiovisual format, also making it interactive.

  Vocational Training
We set up Vocational Training Center to serve as a platform for the rural children, uneducated or unemployed youth, women and farmers to groom themselves as skilled individuals and sustainable living.

Our Aims & Objectives:-
  • To create opportunities for employment generation for skilled and unskilled persons, especially unemployed youth.
  • Empowering women by vocational training in areas having high employability; thereby increasing women’s participation in economic & social development of the country;
  • Drawing plans and schemes for promoting participation of women in vocational & apprenticeship training
  • To enhance agriculture yield by deploying modern methods of farming.
  • To develop horticulture as value addition.
Vision –
  • Create opportunities for all to acquire skills for betterment and educate women and disadvantaged groups.
  • Village computer literacy to embrace the world of knowledge.
  • Improving productivity and living standards of the rural people.
  • Perceptible change in rural mindset is Rural Development.
Mission –
  • Innovative comprehensive Rural Development programme to have a sustainable development & women empowerment.
  • Fulfilling the aspiration of rural kids as visualized by enhanced education system.
  • Increasing youth’s and women’s participation in economic & social development.

  • Benefits of Vocational Training Center
    The project seeks to support the social and economic independence of people through vocational training that increases their incomes
    Benefits of Vocational Training Center
    The project seeks to support the social and economic independence of people through vocational training that increases their incomes. Computer Education:
    Computer courses like MS-CIT, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power Point, Tally 9.0, ‘C’, c+, c++ Programming, Java Programming paved their ways for economic sustenance of young generations.
    • It has made rural youths eligible for better job opportunities. This is already running and has helped 1500 children.
    • Computer training was given to housewives. Now they are computer literate and set some supportive income in non-farming seasons.

Nursing Training:
We provided nursing training to girls and women. After finishing the nursing training, they became able to get jobs as Nurse in different hospitals in rural areas and give primary services to patients. As a result there is a lot of health improvement of rural people.
  • Percolating basic medical facility to even remote villages.
  • We are officially body for Dai Training.

Horticulture Training:
  • Horticulture classes in all villages help to improve yield and augment income.
  • Horticulture as a source of income in short duration can be undertaken by farmers on their fields.
  • Horticulture training develops skill among the rural youth as well as farmers about green house technology.
  • Horticulture classes give the farmers information on how to improve the quality of their yield and boost their income.

Two wheeler / four wheeler mechanical course
Electrician & Mobile repairing courses will be start very shortly. Self Employment:
  • Personality development, vocational courses in Rangoli, Mehendi, Craft, Ceramic, beauty parlor, tailoring, English speaking has helped the youths, girls to set up their own businesses.
  • Sewing and tailoring classes benefit women and help them to start their own businesses with their newly acquired skills.
  Sanitation Programmes
  This programme was introduced to create an environment, which is a hygienic one. Built toilets in 4 villages and 4 in process on rest motivation is ongoing.

  Empowerment of Women
  Women volunteers, who promote active leadership roles for the improvement of the societal status of a woman, together formed a group and came to be known as ‘Parivartaks’.

  We began with the tree plantation drive to spread awareness about the environment