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  Dr. Tilak Hospital
  In times when the prices of even healthcare products and services hit the rooftop, we came up with the
  thought of putting up a hospital that are affordable to the middle-class people. A foundation was laid in the year 1939 and Dr. Tilak Hospital has since been attending to its patients, relentlessly. Today it is a modern, multi-speciality hospital that offers the best medical care at a very affordable price. Thus, it is possible for the middle-class sections of the society to receive primary and secondary care at rates that are far more reasonable than that of the hospitals for the higher class, at the same time the medical care given is at par with them.
  Cancer Patients Convalescent Ward  
  The Cancer Patients Convalescent Ward situated at Lower Parel and Worli is a Safety shelter for the cancer-stricken patients. This truly affordable ward houses 80 well renovated rooms and is occupied with a cancer patient along with two attendants. Over 1000 cancer patients have benefited from this facility in the last 3 decades. There are even 2 special wards for children who suffer from cancer, with 15 beds dedicated for them that are totally free and well decorated in order to keep the children in good spirits.
  A child always needs the comfort of his/her parents and especially the love of his/her mother. A mother is the guiding star of her child. Bearing this in mind, we have created an environment that’s conductive, so that his/her growth takes place in the right direction. The day care centres (crèches) run by us are professionally managed; at the same time a personal touch is lent, in order to mould the clay-like minds of the children into the strong minds of tomorrow.

The 4 creches, all of which are located in the Mumbai suburbs, are scientifically designed to influence the innocent children, leading to their all-round development. The paintings on the walls depict tales from the Hindu mythology, Aesop’s Fables and also different characters from Walt Disney. Various activities like Montessori, playgroup, and evening club for children keep the children engrossed while they learn a great deal. There are computer labs and libraries at every centre, and recently audiovisual shows have also been introduced. To nurture creative talents of the children, there are visiting faculties in music, drama and drawing. ‘Sanskaar Classes’ are taken in order to instill cultural values, which are missing from the education curriculum. 700 children on roll AFFORDABLE COST TO ALL as per the area.
  Rural Development (Perceptible change in rural mindset is development)
  Introducing social development programmes in the rural areas at first seemed like a revolutionary movement to the villagers. As time passed by and after being involved in various activities, they gained interest and participated enthusiastically.

We pioneered, the low cost, modular Rural Development Programme in 2004 by paving the way into 29 villages around the Rajgurunagar Hospital. The Programme was ‘Built on platform of governments Reproductive Child Health Programme, which basically catered to the interests related to women and children. Expanding this programme into a meaningful programme was challenges.